The Holistic Waste Management Program is a rational method of waste management that aims to link waste generation to billing. That is, to implement the European Polluter Pays Directive. Through this Program, the fixed, annual garbage collection fee is abolished and now every citizen is charged ONLY with the volume of garbage he produces through the purchase of a special prepaid bag (the purple bag).  In other words, the citizen is charged only for the waste that he cannot reduce, reuse, compost and recycle.

The Program was piloted in the “Clean” area with remarkable results. Already for the first pilot period (March – July 2020) of the Program, the area of “Clean” managed to divert 71 tons of waste from the landfill, increase recycling by 46 tons, and achieve a reduction of the garbage charge for the average household that reaches 50%.

The implementation of the Program will be extended to the entire Municipality of Aglantzia, on January 1, 2021.

Yes, participation in the System is mandatory for every establishment.

With the implementation of Pay as you Throw (PAYT), the Municipality stops sending charges for the garbage. Therefore, the cost of garbage must be recovered from the Municipality.

Participation in the Program is therefore an option, but an obligation of all citizens.

The benefits of the Municipality and the Citizens are common from the implementation of PAYT. By adopting the philosophy I win because I limit – reuse – recycle, from everyone, the garbage will be reduced, their cost will be reduced and everyone will enjoy a better environment and a healthier environment.

The new Program aims to reward sensitized citizens who follow the logic of winning because I limit – reuse – recycle. Citizens who apply this logic correctly are expected to achieve a significant reduction in the cost of the garbage they pay. Inevitably, citizens who are not sensitized and do not segregate their materials appropriately will incur higher costs. An average household that applies the System correctly is not expected to need more than one purple bag of 56 liters per week, ie a total expected annual cost of € 104. It is understood that households with fewer inhabitants and / or with the full implementation of earn-limit – reuse – recycle will have an even lower burden.

The charges that apply are:

Purple PAYT bag (56 liters): € 2

Purple PAYT bag (35 liters): € 1.50

Purple PAYT bag (10 liters): € 0.40

Green paper bag: € 1.50

An indicative and simple way of calculating the annual cost of garbage with the new Program and comparing it with the old Taxation System is through the ‘Garbage Fee Calculation Tool’ that you can find on the website of the Municipality or through the app…

Purple bags are more expensive than ordinary ones because in addition to the cost of the bag, they also include the cost of collecting and managing garbage (fuel and vehicle maintenance, employee salaries, administrative costs, etc). Since the garbage fee will no longer be charged through annual pricing, the cost of this service will be charged through the price of the bag.

The citizen can obtain the bags from the central offices of the Municipality of Aglantzia and from selected points of sale, as indicated in this brochure, on the System’s website and in the app. Also, the citizen can get the bags he wants through Foody.

Using a credit card would cause charges and logistics problems for sellers who do not reap any financial benefits from selling the bags. Citizens can use their credit card at the Municipal fund and at the service Foody.

The Municipality, after the necessary warnings, will issue extra judicially through its authorized inspectors to all those who will endanger public health and do not respect the environment and their accomplices.

The services of the Municipality have instructions to collect ONLY the purple bags which have prepaid the cost of their collection. Since the garbage fee will not be charged through annual pricing, the use of any other bag means that the citizen does not pay the cost of collecting and managing his waste. Therefore, bags of other shapes will not be collected. Recommendations will be made to people who use the wrong bags and if there is systematic use of them, the Municipality will be forced to issue an out-of-court fine.

International experience and practice have shown that with the implementation of such programs the increase of illegal landfills is negligible. The Municipality will increase the policing to limit these phenomena, but we also call on the citizens to make a recommendation to those who do not respect the rest and, if they continue, to be reported to the Municipality.

The social policy of the Municipality continues. The Municipality has calculated the average number of purple bags that each household needs. A number of purple bags will be provided free of charge according to the discounts each vulnerable group received. And this presupposes that all citizens will participate in the program.

If a household needs more bags than those given for free, they should buy them.

All the necessary information for the proper separation of materials can be found in the Program Guide, on the website of the Municipality through an interactive tool as well as in the app…

The key to the effort is the application of the win-win philosophy because I limit – reuse – recycle.

With its full application the waste that ends up in the purple bag is very limited. The Municipality wants to introduce other recycling streams (Organic waste, polystyrene, baby diapers, etc.) as soon as the market is ready to support them.

This possibility exists since the bag is made of paper so that it can be composted. For this reason, it would be good for the bag to be used and displayed for collection during a period when no rainfall is expected.

The Home Composer converts garden waste (leaves, grass, weeds), fruits and vegetables, ashes, egg shells, coffee and tea into compost (natural fertilizer) through a natural process. ONLY the specific waste is placed in the Composer, which we place in the yard of our house. With this process, the citizen can easily and inexpensively produce natural fertilizer for his plants and trees.

Citizens who live in a home and are interested in getting a free home composter should fill out the application form at the address here.

The use of the “Controlled Recycling spot of the Municipality and the Green Point” by the citizens is free. If the citizen has or can use a similar means of transport there is no further charge. If it cannot provide, a means of transport may use one of the licensed carriers listed in the relevant list in this brochure and on the System website. The citizen is invited to come to an agreement with one of the transporters for the transport of his items and after completing the relevant form of Identification and Monitoring of Waste Transportation, his materials will be accepted free of charge by the “Controlled Recycling Island and the Green Point”.

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