The system is being piloted in the area  of “Katharis” (postal code 2103) , ie the area defined by Larnaca-Famagusta Avenue and the Green Line. The aim is following the completion of  the pilot to apply it to the rest of Aglantzia. Expected start date for the pilot is 1 March 2020.

The following charges will apply during the pilot application: Purple 56Lt  PAYT Bag € 2, Purple 35lt PAYT Bag € 1.50 and Green Garden Paper Bag € 1.50. These values may be different when the system is fully implemented.

The program aims to reward the environmentally conscious citizens who follow the reduce-reuse- recycle moto. Citizens who apply the above are expected to have a significant reduction in the cost they pay for waste. Inevitably, citizens who are not sensitized will have to pay higher costs. An average household applying the system is not expected to need more than a purple 56 litres bag per week resulting to a  total expected annual cost of € 104.  It is expected that households with fewer residents and / or with full implementation of the reduce-reuse- recycle philosophy will pay even less.

Bags are to made available from the Municipality of Aglantzia and from selected points of sale across Aglantzia.

The municipality has appointed of nine  waste inspectors who have the power to issue out-of-court fines to all those who do not respect the environment and other citizens.

This is possible since the bag is paper-based so it can be composted. It is advisable not to use and expose in rainy seasons.

The municipal services are instructed to collect only the purple bags that have been prepaid and cover collection costs. Since the waste collection fee will not be charged through annual billing, the use of any other bag means that the Municipality is not paid for the cost of waste collection and management. So bags of any other kind will not be collected. Recommendations will be made to people using the wrong bags, and if that is repeated used, the Municipality will be forced to issue an extrajudicial fine.

International experience has shown that with the implementation of such systems the increase in illegal dumping is minimal. The municipality however will increase policing of the pilot area. We also urge citizens to advise those who do not respect others and, if they continue, to file a complaint with the municipality.

Citizens’ use of the “Green Point” is free. There is no additional charge if the resident has or can use his/her own means of transport. If he/she cannot do that we suggest the use of licensed carriers. The public is asked to reach an agreement with any one of them for the transport service. With use of the relevant Waste Shipment Recognition and Monitoring form they will be granted free access to the Green Point.

Yes, participation in the program is mandatory. The municipality will cease to invoice for waste. The cost of waste needs to be recovered by the Municipality.

The social policy of the Municipality will continue. The municipality has estimated the average number of purple bags needed for each household. A certain number of bags will be provided free of charge according to the discounts each vulnerable group used to receiving. As all citizens are sked to participate in the program If a 0household needs more purple bags than those provided for free , they should buy them.

There is an interactive tool on the website that can easily answer this question. A quick reference guide  has also  been prepared

The key to the success of the project is to apply the philosophy of restrict – reuse – recycle – win. With its full application, the waste that ends up in the purple bag is very limited. The Municipality aims to introduce further recycling streams (Organic waste, polystyrene, diapers etc.) once the market is ready to support them.

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