What is the Holistic Waste Management program

The Holistic Waste Management Program is a rational method of waste management that aims to link waste generation to billing. That is, to implement the European Polluter Pays Directive.

The program provides the public with increased recycling opportunities as waste that can now be separated and recycled  increases significantly.


With the implementation of the new “Holistic Waste Management” program, we aim to achieve the transformation of waste into valuable raw materials, as most waste is recycled. At the same time, the fixed, annual waste collection fee charged to every citizen today is abolished and we introduce a  variable payment  method. The charge is relative only on to the amount of mixed waste that is not diverted to  recycle streams.

Citizens can significantly reduce the cost of waste they have been paying for, with the implementation of the Limit – Reuse – Recycle – Save philosophy.

By limiting our purchases to what we really need, we limit the amount of waste produced and save money.

Much of the waste generated can be reused following repair or conversion.

The Holistic Waste Management Program of the Municipality of Aglantzia significantly increases the types of waste recycled.

Charging for waste is now dependent on the volume of waste that is not separated. Thus, environmentally conscious citizens who produce less waste and properly segregate, save significant sums of money.

Frequently Asked Questions about holistic waste management


Similar “Holistic Waste Management” programs have been successfully implemented for many years in many developed countries. Why not in Cyprus?

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